$2,500 Matching Donation Challenge!

Dear Shambhalians — WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW ! ! ! We have a donation challenge of $2,500 — we need to match by Sunday noon! Make your donation dollars go twice as far! DONATE ONLINE HERE -AND- We need your help to make our new shrine room happen this week!!! Sangha Work List for … Continue 

New Center Remodeling Project Status

NEW CENTER REMODELING ROJECT STATUS OCTOBER 15, 2013 Since the papers were signed on September 26, 2013 completing the purchase of the building there has been amazing progress in readying it for occupancy as the new San Antonio Shambhala Meditation Center. This building, built in the 1950s, has suffered much neglect. It needed a lot … Continue 

Reminder to Donate to the Homeless Children Drive Poem

WHAT CAN I DO? To give a homeless child happiness on Halloween Not just on Halloween but on the days in between Days set aside for celebration and remembrance What they really need; a home and loving parents I surmise, unable to provide with my coin Food, shelter, clothing, education, join With friends and neighbors … Continue 

Volunteers Greatly Needed this Week

Our new building greatly needs some warm bodies to volunteer this week. We are quickly approaching our loan inspection date and also need to obtain an occupancy certificate. No prior renovation experience needed! We have some great volunteers who are training anyone who comes in. Hours of availability for volunteering at the site are generally … Continue 

Reminder to Donate to the Trick or Treat Drive for Homeless Children

Excellent My hope for these kids! Trick or Treat for the Homeless by SteveY Homeless Children and Halloween contest entry Artwork by davealpert at FanArtReview.com Trick or Treat for the Homeless (a fundraiser for the shelter called Haven for Hope) You know what’s really scary to think so much about Is that there are so … Continue 

We Need Your Help with the Building this Weekend

Members and Friends,        The work being done to renovate 257 Hildebrand is tremendous. We have really taken on some big tasks this week. The team has been committed to laying the ground for a flourishing Shambhala Center. It has been inspiring to be a part of this even in the small ways I can contribute.       A great … Continue 

Haven For Hope Homeless Children’s Donation Drive Reminder

Exceptional This work has reached the exceptional level Homeless Children and Halloween contest entry My Fairy Princess Dress by sweetwoodjax Homeless Children and Halloween contest entry Artwork by davealpert at FanArtReview.com I wore my fairy princess dress. On my head I wore a crown. Then I saw a homeless child wearing a dirty, lonely frown. … Continue 

Update on SASMC Remodel

All-good Shambhalians, So far the progress has been amazing. We’ve completed most of the tear-out and we’re getting close to having the new walls ready for texture, priming and painting. Many of the big challenges have been addressed and handily dispatched, thanks to the hard work of Amber Llhamo and Dean Ozimkowski with their carpentry … Continue 

Help from the Dharma

Amber and De of the Buddha Dharma Conservation Corps are helping with the remodeling. They are skilled carpenters and will provide instruction and leader ship for unskilled volunteers. Lets all work this week and show them how much we appreciate their help. Buddha Dharma Conservation Corp The mission of the Buddha Dharma Conservation Corp is … Continue 

Haven for Hope Children Donation Drive Reminder

Homeless Halloween by Treischel Homeless Children and Halloween contest entry Homeless Halloween The big trick is finding shelter. The sweet treat is something to eat. In the heat they often swelter, They need shoes when they have cold feet. Halloween amongst the homeless Should surely open up your eyes. In a world that couldn’t care … Continue