Family Program

About our Growing Brave Family Program

Due to the pandemic situation all in person activities at our center are on hold.  This program will restart when conditions allow.

Our family program for families with children between 3 and 12 years old is based on the Sitting Together curriculum developed by Sumi Loundon Kim. We have customized it based on both of our dual lineages – the secular Shambhala lineage, which includes people of all or no religions, as well as the Kagyü and Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist lineages. The Shambhala Family Program is based on the principles that all children and parents embody innate goodness, curiosity, and kindness. We explore Buddhist and Shambhala themes through play, music, art, and stories while incorporating simple, age appropriate mindfulness activities. We welcome families from any or no religious backgrounds to attend.

While lessons do build on each other, there are no prerequisites for attending any particular lesson. However, children and adults who do attend all lessons in a particular unit will receive a pin in a ceremony during the last class of the unit. The units are meditation, kindness, ethics, character, nature, and Shambhala culture.

A single class costs $10/family. A semester costs $30/family. Our financial generosity policy is available for families who would like to attend, but need assistance.