Tibetan Calligraphy: Past, Presence, and Practice

with Troy Smith & Vinny Dorazio

November 3rd (2018)

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  • $70 Program Price
  • $55 Member Price
Room: Main Shrine Room

All are Welcome! If you are a real person (or a fake person … or you aren’t sure) looking for a new perspective on art, calligraphy, or practice, please read on.

 Calligraphy is the beautiful writing of the world. It is created, by hand, with only four elements: paper, instrument, medium (ink), and inspiration. Some find it easy, others difficult. Many believe it to be beyond their capabilities, and they would be mistaken. We welcome you to join us to explore your artistry, expand your knowledge, or just spend the day with us in a timeless practice of writing.


So … What are we going to do?

In this light-hearted setting, we will begin our day with some history (not the boring kind) of artistic stylings of calligraphy around the world. We’ll see some examples of calligraphy of both western and eastern origin, coming to rest in the languages, letters, and construction of the uchen and umê styles of Tibetan writing.

 Through the morning we’ll move into an interactive observation of materials, processes, prospects, and the presence of what happens when people are working with these elements. Some might call working with the materials ‘playing’, and that is the perspective we intend to take.

 Afternoon brings more exploration (playing), appreciation (learning), and bodhi (awareness) of the language, construct, and materials. We’ll also introduce some ideas of how this life experience might be brought into a practice of mindfulness, contemplate, and reflection.


We’ll invite you to either bring lunch or step away for a quick lunch in small groups, so please be prepared with either your lunch or some extra cash money.


Special Notes:

  • We are working with ink. Please wear those comfortable and socially acceptable garments that you won’t mind getting ink on.
  • The first three elements of paper, instrument, and medium will be provided. Please bring you, your open mind, and any inspiration you can muster.
  • Personal care is a generosity you can easily give yourself. Please bring a closed container for water or other beverage. Also any other materials you might need through the day to make sure you end our day together healthy & happy.