Kyudo Guest Speaker

April 28th

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    Sharing Memories of My Japanese Kyudo Sendai & Travels in Japan since the 70’s

    Sunday, April 28th, 10 am.

    Staffan Preutz, Nina Jone’s brother, will share his memories of his Japanese kyudo Sendai (senior teacher of Japanese archery) and his travels in Japan. All are welcome!

    Since the 70’s, Staffan traveled to Japan several times a year for business and practiced with his Sendai. He lives in northern Sweden and is here for a short visit. Nina says he is a very funny  and relaxed person.

    We’ll have an informal gathering to listen to Staffan’s stories... we may even get a Swedish one. We’ll have a short kyudo practice afterwards that you are welcome to observe. If you’ve had “first shot”, you are welcome to shoot.