Community gathering and potluck lunch

December 7th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    Let’s gather as a community on December 7th to truly meet each other, to go beyond reacting to issues of the past and to cultivate the soil of our community.

    Holding space for love, courage, listening and trust in Basic Goodness, we will look at ourselves, our system and our collective open heart utilizing a process that we have been learning in the MIT U Lab program.  We’ll ask genuine questions of each other and listen deeply to discover who we really are as a Shambhala Community.

    In a space of trust and open hearts, join us to help co-create an awake society at our center and beyond.

    Starting at 11am we’ll open with a pot luck lunch.  Feel free to bring something to contribute to the feast.  At noon we’ll convene the community gathering.  At 2pm we’ll close with the Dedication of Merit and finish off the leftovers.

    We look forward to seeing you there.