Children’s Day Winter Solstice Celebration

December 21st

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Room: Main Shrine Room

Join us for the Shambhala celebration of the winter solstice, Children's Day! Winter solstice marks the longest night and shortest day of the year, as well as the official start of winter. Although it's the day of greatest darkness, the solstice is also a time of great hope for the sun’s rebirth.

Celebration of the winter solstice has its roots in many different cultures. The longest night is always followed by the return of the warmth and light, which people have celebrated for at least a thousand years! At a time when darkness is prevalent, we celebrate our children and their natural ability to remind us of the warmth, heart, and cheerfulness of basic goodness. 

The Shambhala community has drawn on the many traditions our global membership has inherited, together with the Shambhala teachings, to create a distinctive and rich festival of our own. At the heart of the Children's Day festivities is the children's shrine - symbolizing the dignity of the family, the joy and creativity of the youthful heart, and a celebration of the senses.

Children’s Day festivities include:

  • Children's procession to bring light into the main meditation hall;
  • Warm welcome from the King and Queen of Shambhala, the mythical kingdom where everyone is wise and kind;
  • Storytelling, performances, and a special children’s blessing; and
  • Special offering of generously donated gifts to children in need in our community.

Fun holiday crafts, games, and activities for kids will be provided. And for adults, holiday wreath making with mulled wine and festive treats will be offered! To let us know that you are coming, or if you would like to offer a dish for the potluck, please sign-up by clicking here.

Anyone with a youthful spirit is invited to attend this day celebrating the beginning of a new season with the children & families of our community. For questions concerning this event, please contact [email protected]

Note - Children are invited to bring a small, wrapped gift to be placed on the Children’s Day shrine. These donations will be given to a nearby family shelter.

***A special invitation to those of you that are musically inclined***:

To help raise up some holiday merry-making and cheer, please bring an instrument you might like to play for a sing-along!