Buddhist Studies

Compassion Thursdays weekly book study

September 12th—February 27th

Your invitation to weekly Compassion Thursdays at the San Antonio Meditation Center. Every Thursday Starting Sept 12 through the end of February 2020 the San Antonio Meditation Center will offer a weekly class for all! We will use Pema Chodron’s, Continue »

Basic Buddhism - Kleshas and Dons

with Shastri Betsy Pond

February 8th

Learn about the kleshas and the dons! Continue »

Four Noble Truths and the Path of Basic Sanity

with Acharya Moh Hardin

February 15th—February 16th

The Four Nobel Truths w/Acharya Moh Hardin Continue »

Contentment in everyday life

with Shastri Betsy Pond & Shastri Linda Mockeridge

March 5th—March 26th

Four consecutive Thursday nights in March. Continue »

Basic Buddhism- Mindfulness

with Shastri Betsy Pond

March 14th

Teachings on the four foundations of mindfulness Continue »

Basic Buddhism- Wholesomeness

with Shastri Linda Mockeridge

April 11th

Teachings on the courses of action that create karma. Continue »

Basic Buddhism- Battle of Ego

with Shastri Linda Mockeridge

May 9th

Teachings on the battle of ego. Continue »