Community Events

Cafe Shambhala Via Zoom

January 12th—May 10th

Let's get together! We offer a chance for our community to connect for fun and meditation to all levels practitioners. Food, fun and practice along with a dharma talk/discussion. Continue »

Center Cleaning Day

May 9th

A day to practice mindfulness of cleaning. Continue »

Urban Meditation Retreat (Weekthun)

with Shastri Betsy Pond

May 16th—May 23rd

This self-staffed Urban Meditation Retreat weekthün is designed to follow Shambhala Training guidelines. As such it fulfills the one week intensive requirements for programs such as Enlightened Society Assembly, Shambhala Guide Training, etc. Continue »

San Antonio Shambhala Sit-A-Thon

with Dena Lackey

November 4th

Whether you’re new to meditation or an advanced practitioner, please show your support by joining us––for one hour, eight hours, or all 12!––and deepen your practice, enjoy community, and benefit from talks and video from Shambhala online. Warm meals, sna Continue »