Our community is diverse, capable, and heartfelt. Our members and friends include dedicated senior teachers who have walked the Shambhala Buddhist path for many years, and enthusiastic newcomers who are just discovering our teachings on realizing basic goodness and building enlightened society.


Community Events

Shambhala Sadhana Practice

with Shastri Betsy Pond

September 21st—December 14th

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Guided Tonglen Practice Session

September 28th—December 21st

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Harvest of Peace Community Celebration

October 4th

Harvest of Peace celebration sitting practice and talk by Acharya Hardin on Warriorship and Vulnerability. Continue »

White Tara Practice Session

October 5th—December 28th

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Basic Buddhism--Paramita Series--Patience--CANCELLED

with Shastri Betsy Pond

October 10th

Basic Buddhism: The Paramita Series--Patience with Shastri Betsy Pond Continue »