Exploring Buddhism: The Six Realms of Existence

with Doria Cross

August 19th (2017)

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Room: Main Shrine Room

Are are welcome to explore karma and the six realms of existence in what will surely be a fantastic day of practice and learning.

For Buddhists, the six realms represent all possible states of existence. They were traditionally conceived as real places but can also be interpreted symbolically. The animal, ghost and hell realms are all places of karmic payback, whereas birth in the heavenly, asura, or human realms comes through the accumulation (and spending) of karmic merit. Life in any of these realms is ultimately impermanent—one does not suffer forever in hell, nor enjoy eternal bliss in heaven forever. Through practice enlightenment offers a way out of the six realms completely. 

Birth in any of the these realms is based on one's karma (“action”)—essentially interdependent cause and effect. 

Karma presupposes a dynamic universe--one's present life reflects past choices, but one's  present choices are shaping the future.  Only human beings can make choices and accrue karma, which means that one's human actions (good or bad) determine one's future births.  This gives added emphasis to one’s moral choices; it also means that a change of heart or better guidance can help one to lay a positive foundation for the future.

Please contact Ms. Doria Gutierrez Cross with any questions. The group will go out to lunch in the area.